Why Saddle Leather?

MYL BERLIN uses so-called saddle leather for all bags. We show you the advantages of the material and why it is so special. If you own a bag from MYL BERLIN, you already know how great the material feels and how tough it is. It is easy to clean, gets a great individual surface over time and can withstand a lot of stress.

Saddle leather is a material that is mostly left over from the production of leather, as it is generally difficult to process. This is due to the fact that it is very tear and cut resistant and therefore requires special handling in the manufacturing process.

MYL BERLIN uses this great material, however, because we have the machines and the know-how to process this type of leather. Our employees receive special training in order to be able to achieve the optimal result and to get the maximum quality and life span out of the material.

This requires a lot of experience and a sure instinct, also later during subsequent processing, sewing and dyeing.

Of course, the processing of the saddle leather is very environmentally friendly with us, as all of our processes are specially designed for ecology.

The bags created in this way are of the highest quality and durability and impress with their unique design language and functionality.


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